Current/Ongoing Projects
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Upcoming Projects
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Past Projects

1. Bottles and Can Drive.
This was more difficult than we first anticipated. On day 1 we only recieved 1 can so we knew we had to advertise more. We made a school wide announcement every day after that and managed to collect over 5000 cans raising over $500. We collected every morning and spent the first class of the day counting, cleaning and organizing them. This was tough as we had assessments to do and it was also messy and nosiy. It was also hard getting them all recycled , if we do it again we would ask for help.
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btl 2.jpg

2. Wikiseat Auction
We really struggled to figure out a way to do an online auction at first but then we figured out that we could use the wiki page to do it. The night we set up the viewing was awesome, it was great to see the creativity of everybody else on the 5/6 team.Our team alone raised $375 with the seats and we have yet to find out how much the other teams raised with theirs.Check out our auction page

3. Jewelry
We collected over 2000 cards from local businesses which was good but we only have one disc cutter so it takes a long time to cut out the circles for the bracelets.Actually making the bracelets takes a long time with split rings so we changed to regular rings.We got a lot of orders and spent nearly every lunch time making the orders. We met with a jewelry store buyer in Birmingham and she is giving us a table at a street event in the summer which is awesome.She asked us to develop a Winter Range and we are meeting with her again in September so that she can decide whether or not she would like to buy them and sell them in her store. We also figured out how to make Guitar Plecks and the guitar store is testing one out to see if they want to buy some.We are investiagting different places we can sell our jewellery like at local events such as Birmingham Winterfest.

4. Change for Chilupula!
Headed by the 7/8 Spirit Committtee students collected change during lunch recess. Together with the Trick or Treat for tractors on Halloween this project raised


5. Toys for Tractors
Two fifth graders collected gently used toys to sell at a mom2mom sale. Giving up their entire Saturday these students raised $172 !! Struggles included a week of special schedules leading up to the event so opportunities to remind students to donate were rare.Overall though this was a very successful and sustainable way to raise money for tractors! Congratulations

7.Letter Writing
Our district goal is to improve writing skills so we decided to write persuasive letters to local businesses to ask them to support our project.

We watched this video and talked about why donations went up because of this campaign. We thought that people may have given more because they felt more empathy for the people holding the signs because they looked more like them so they had more empathy. We used this to brainstorm ways we could get business owners to have more empathy for our campaign by writing about our project like a business proposal. After much peer editing and revisions here are two examples of letters we sent out. Our first response included a check for $500!

7.Box Tops
During the month of December the PTSA donated all box tops collected to Project Cope. In One month we raised

8. Square1 Art Project
We created our own art and sent it to Square on Art. They turned our artwork into mugs, key rings, iPad covers and all sorts of great things. We bought a lot of items for holiday gifts and raised $400. It was so easy and fun and the products were really great.

9 T Shirt Sales
One of our fifth graders designed a T Shirt for Project Cope. Asking his parents for a loan to buy the Tshirts, he then sold them in school and raised over $100 in T shirt Sales. We advertised them on posters and on Facebook but they weren't selling at first. When we visited every classroom each week and gave out order forms the T shirts went really fast!
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10. Can Recycle Drive February 2014
This was a much bigger can drive than last time and we held it for over two weeks. Parents and school counselor was a huge help recycling all the cans for us. We raised over $1000 and hope to get more because the principals agreed to wear fancy dress costumes if we raised our goal!
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