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We first learned about Project Cope when we were learning about the hydrosphere. We completed missions on our H2OHeroes wiki and learned how fortunate we were to live on the Great Lakes, giving us access to a huge amount of clean , fresh water.For our final mission we had to research places in the world that were not so fortunate as us and struggle with easily preventable diseases like cholera because they don't have access to clean water.Our research led us to Professor Sherman and Project Cope. We discovered that Cope helps the villagers install Ecodome waterless toilets. To complete our final mission we had to develop a plan that would help people facing sanitation issues, put the plan into action and evaluate it's success. We wanted to raise funds to help get a waterless toilet to Zambia.

We went to ask Mr Morawski, our principal, for permission to do some whole school fundraising and he had a great idea! He thought that instead of just raising funds for a toilet we should try to partner with a village and not only help with their sanitation needs but make a long term commitment to make friends with whom we could share and learn with. He though it would be more worthwhile if we could develop a close relationship with our partners , chart over time the positive impact we could have on their community and maybe in the future teachers, students and parents could go to visit the village and they could come visit us. We thought that was an awesome idea!

We told Professor Sherman about our new plans and he contacted the people of Chilupula to see if they would be able to partner with us and they were just as excited as us. They already have a waterless toilet however and wondered if we could help them to get a two wheel tractor instead as that would have a bigger impact on the health and wealth of not only their village but surrounding villages. BCS was happy to accept the challenge and that is how we came to be involved with Project Cope.