Why We Are Participating in Project Cope?

This is the Birmingham Public Schools district learning model.
Participating in Project Cope enables us to learn all of the key skills this model describes.
Global Citizens of Character
We are learning about another culture and how we can connect globally. This is a service learning project and we will be learning a lot about character traits and how to be a responsible, contributing global citizen
Knowledgeable and Skilled
We will be learning about Zambia through Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and more.e will be constructing new knowledge and applying it in different and interesting ways
Critical Thinkers Questioners and Problem Solvers
We have already started asking questions : How we can help? How does a two wheel tractor impact a community? What is a sustainable economy? We have also started to creatively consider ways to solve the problem of fund raising
Creators and Contributors
We will be contributing to this project with our ideas and solutions and creating ways to raise funds as well as tools to ahre with other what we are learning and doing-like this wiki !
Motivated, Connected and Self-Directed
It is going to be so much writing to our pen-pals and connecting with them on Skype. We are designing our own projects based on areas that interest us and learning this way will be fun.
Communicators and Collaborators
We are collaborating with each other, our partners and Professor Sherman. We want to communicate with the local community and hopefully convince them to get involved and collaborate with us.